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Whizz Education delivers effective personalised tutoring and learning to captivated children worldwide, while delivering increased confidence and achievement in maths.

Whizz Education, your learning outcomes partner

Pioneering online learning

Whizz Education started as a parent’s desire to help his own children learn maths, coupled with a need for an online product that could successfully simulate a live tutoring experience that results in measurable gains. Today, our award winning products are used by thousands of students worldwide and include Maths-Whizz Teachers’ Resource and Maths-Whizz Tutoring Plus.

Our teaching tools

  • Engage students by providing relevant content based upon their educational needs.
  • Motivate students through immediate feedback and guided instruction.
  • Deliver measurable results through increased academic achievement.
  • Bridge learning gaps – from school to home.

About Whizz Education

Our Impact/Our Reach

Our People

Our core values


We support learning communities worldwide, striving to change people’s lives through online education and support; providing better opportunities for children and educators globally.


We are dedicated to satisfying customer needs, honouring commitments, and striving to deliver the best experience possible. We value our customers and work diligently to embody this through our service.


We pride ourselves on being honest and trustworthy – as individuals and as a whole. We deliver on promises made and take responsibility for our actions in earnest attempts to gain the trust and respect of all those we encounter.


We facilitate environments where students, teachers, and parents experience superior educational opportunities. These environments are the product of continuous team efforts, based on our shared vision and mission.

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