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Whizz Education and its employees share in the belief that every child deserves a learning experience that caters to their individual needs and pace of learning.

Education Success Partners

Our Education Success Partners work in partnership with your school to accelerate learning and achieve your goals.

Andy Clay,
Education Success Partner

Andy Clay has been supporting schools to improve their learning outcomes across the UK. He has spent the last thirty years in education, both as a teacher and in helping schools to implement technology.

Matt Jones,
Education Success Partner

Matt has over 15 years of experience working in a number of different schools across England as Maths Leader and Deputy Headteacher. Matt has an excellent understanding of the curriculum and how to support schools in using Maths-Whizz effectively.

Ben Slack,
Education Success Partner

Ben was a primary school teacher for 9 years. His role as an ESP for Whizz Education enables him to share his experiences of using Maths-Whizz throughout his teaching career, offering unique insight for the teachers and educational leaders that he works with daily.

Aileen Madayag,
Education Success Partner

Aileen has a strong educational background. She has been working with Whizz Education, Dubai office, for the past 10 years. She works closely with UAE schools and some of the International schools as an ESP.

Management Team

Richard Marett,
CEO & Co-founder

Richard leads the team at Whizz Education and, working with individual schools, ministries of education, donor organisations and commercial partners across the globe, supports our mission to raise standards in education through individualised learning. Richard also actively supports and drives product research and innovation, collaborating with academic and industry-led groups.

Svetlana Tarassova,
Director of Global Strategic Partnerships

Svetlana brings extensive experience in both product and corporate development within the IT sector to her role at Whizz Education. She heads the international team, and has been integral in building relationships with key stakeholders and partners globally, developing her team to support the expansion of Whizz Education into new territories.

Kevin Berry,
Finance & Operations Director

Kevin brings a wealth of experience as a chartered accountant (ACMA) with a background in leading businesses through transformation and readiness for a financial/investment transaction. Kevin's main goal is to ensure our finances, people, processes and systems are effective and enable the business to thrive.

David Tymm,
Product Director

David is the Sunflower Learning founder and Managing Director, and has over 25 years researching and developing educationally powerful EdTech resources which aim to revolutionise the way in which children learn.


Our team works with educators and parents to increase academic achievement levels as well as creating innovative maths tutoring exercises used by 1.5 million of 5–13 year olds.

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