Annual Review

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Annual review meetings

These end of year strategic meetings with your school leadership team are an opportunity to review your progress so far. The rich learning analytics generated by the virtual tutor is synthesised with qualitative feedback and reflections from our Education Success Partners. During these annual meetings, we collaboratively review the agreed set of objectives for the year ahead and reconfigure these to enable further learning gains for your students.

At the agenda of these meetings:

  • Background and context
  • Your vision for success and goals to achieve
  • Review of progress against our agreed implementation targets
  • Summary of key insights from the year 
  • Agreeing on summer objectives 
  • Revisiting the implementation plan
  • Putting a course correction plan together if needed
  • Arrange any further training for the following year or term

What data to expect from your Annual review

Your school data is reviewed every week by your Education Success Partner, with formal touchpoints every end of term at the Termly Review.

During the annual review, your Education Success Partner will review with you the cumulative data of the whole academic year and your progress through both terms. Starting with whole school data, your Education Success Partner dives into a more granular analysis, per school year and per class, analysing key metrics such as Maths-Whizz usage, progressions, and topic age delta.

As part of our educational service packages, you will also receive:

  • Bespoke annual training for teachers
  • Guidance and support from a dedicated Education Success Partner
  • A comprehensive Implementation Plan 
  • Termly reviews

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