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How we work with schools

The challenge facing every Teacher

Providing individualized learning

Individualized learning for every child in your classes is incredibly difficult. You have to accommodate 30 or more children, all with different levels of attainment and knowledge gaps in every class.

There is approximately a 4-year knowledge gap between the highest and lowest attainers in any class. The Math-Whizz tutor was created to address this problem by providing a personalized learning experience.

Identifying knowledge gaps

The first step to address this challenge is to identify knowledge gaps. The initial assessment including in our virtual tutor, Math-Whizz, allows teachers to easily evaluate where individual children are concerning their math knowledge and plan the best approach to help them move forwards.

Tailoring lessons to each individual need

The Math-Whizz tailored lessons are interactive, engaging and have been designed over many years to improve fluency across the math curriculum.

Saving teachers time

This all saves teachers a huge amount of time. The Math-Whizz tutor eases the burden for teachers: No need anymore to mark and no need to factor differentiation into your planning. Math-Whizz does it for you.

Providing actionable data

Our data experts work closely with your Education Success Partner to provide a summative report of your students’ progress on Math-Whizz, within the context of how it has been implemented in your school.

The reports are ideal for stakeholders looking to evaluate the impact of Math-Whizz on your students’ learning.

Education success journey tailored to your needs

Drive improvements with actionable insights

Every school has specific objectives in math, which is why we adapt our services for each school we work with. From developing an individualized implementation plan, to the provision of actionable insight reports, our Education Success Partners are on hand to help you achieve your learning goals.

How we work with schools

As a trusted education partner accountable for learning outcomes, our education experts work with thousands of MATs and schools worldwide to accelerate students’ learning in math, delivering effective online and blended learning solutions in a wide range of contexts through a combination of award-winning virtual tutoring, professional development and specialized services.

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