Education success

Drive improvements with actionable insights.

Every school has specific objectives in maths, which is why we adapt the Maths-Whizz Suite for each school we work with. From developing an individualised implementation plan, to the provision of actionable insight reports, our Education Success Partners are on hand to help you achieve your learning goals.

Implementation plan

As educators, we celebrate the fact that every school is different. That’s why we always start with an analysis of your needs, and design an Implementation Plan tailored to your specific objectives. 

The Implementation Plan is an ongoing reference point throughout your partnership with Whizz and is updated at review meetings based on the insights gained.

Teacher training

Our Education Success Partners will provide your school with in-depth training sessions to ensure your teachers will quickly learn to navigate the Maths-Whizz Suite with ease.

Insight reports

Our data experts work closely with your Education Success Partner to provide a summative report of your students’ progress on Maths-Whizz, within the context of how it has been implemented in your school.

The reports are ideal for stakeholders looking to evaluate the impact of Maths-Whizz on your students’ learning.

Course correction

Work with our Education Success team to improve your students’ learning gains through course correction, our continuous system of reviewing learning reports and assessing qualitative data to gain insight which is then used to create interventions that impact learning.

Annual action plan

Held annually, these strategic meetings are an opportunity to review your implementation. By utilising the wealth of reporting insights on Maths-Whizz, we can identify areas in greater need of support and update your implementation design to ensure all students and teachers are getting the full benefits of individualised tutoring.


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