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Our Education Success Partners will provide your school with in-depth training sessions to ensure your teachers will quickly learn to navigate the Maths-Whizz Suite with ease.

To revisit the basics of Maths-Whizz or discover more advanced features, get your short, sharp guides to Maths-Whizz and to maths topics that matter, giving you the insights and resources you need for the classroom.

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Starter Quick Guide

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Starter Quick Guide

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Teaching Insights

Get your short, sharp guides to maths topics that matter

Lost in the buzzwords? We’re bringing the research and experience behind Whizz Education into one convenient collection, giving you the insights you need for the classroom. Let’s make things simple.

What does maths mastery really mean?

"As complicated as mastery might seem, there is actually a simple, positive idea behind it all…"

Does a growth mindset make a difference in maths?

"There are questions about the effectiveness of the growth mindset for UK schools…"

Does assessment for learning matter in maths?

"It’s become clear that too many children in the UK learn maths on a surface level…"

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Download our latest maths worksheets for Year 1-8.

Keep your students engaged with these free maths worksheets, designed by the expert Education Team at Whizz Education.

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