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What is a Virtual tutor?

One-to-one tutoring is a guaranteed way to improve children’s learning. A tutor is able to give your child targeted attention that they may not always get in school. A virtual tutor offers the same benefits of a human private tutor at a fraction of the cost.

A virtual tutor harnesses adaptive learning technologies and robust educational pedagogy to simulate the behaviour of a human tutor, presented through interactive, animated lessons to bring maths to life.

An initial assessment determines your child’s individual maths level and identifies their learning needs. The virtual tutor then adapts a learning journey that continually addresses their specific gaps and learning needs – exactly as a human tutor would do. Your child moves forward when the tutor feels they are ready, and they receive help when stuck.

Virtual Tutoring flexibility and affordability: anytime, anywhere virtual tutoring is a more realistic and sustainable way of providing the continuous, consistent, individualised support that enables your child to reach their full potential.

Why use a virtual tutor?

Research shows that in primary classrooms the world over, the learning needs of students are incredibly diverse, with several years of knowledge separating high and low attainers. This makes it difficult, almost impossible, for teachers to cater to every child’s individual learning needs consistently.

The knowledge gap widens as students get older, typically stretching to 4 to 5-years by upper primary school. With a typical class size of say 20 to 30 pupils, one teacher and just 45 minutes per lesson, it is not practical for a classroom teacher to address each child’s individual learning needs consistently. As such, gaps in a student’s knowledge and understanding can develop and, if not identified and addressed, can hinder their learning journey and development. Don’t we all know adults who will proclaim that they are “lousy at maths”. Many times this is not intrinsically the case, but somewhere in their school learning journey they didn’t get the support they needed to push through resulting in lost confidence. 

Tutoring is a proven way of ensuring every child, wherever they are in their learning journey, can learn according to their own needs and at their own pace. A virtual tutor offers these benefits at an affordable and sustainable cost.

What are the benefits of a virtual tutor?

  Tutoring is a proven way of ensuring every student, wherever they are in their learning journey, can learn according to their own needs and at their own pace. 

 A Virtual Tutor gives your child the dedicated time and attention they need, that they may not always get in school.

  It systematically targets your child’s unique learning gaps.

  You don’t have to be a maths expert or educator to keep your child’s learning progressing.

  Your child’s unique learning journey is recorded in real-time, every step of the way, providing you with live visibility – no need to wait for the end of school report.

  Virtual tutoring works. For example, students who use the Maths-Whizz virtual tutor for 60 minutes per week, improve their maths age by, on average, over 18 months in their first year of use.

  More than anything, a virtual tutor sets your child up for long-term success, with a solid foundation in numeracy and other core mathematical skills.

How does a virtual tutor fit in with other learning resources?

Maths-Whizz complements learning that is happening in school. It is the essential companion to your child’s education, whatever your aspirations.

There’s no need to wait to get started with virtual tutoring. It is already here, waiting to lend a helping hand to you and your child. 

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